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Thus, I decided to write an article breaking this down specifically.

5 Reasons Why The Bad Boy Persona Will Always Work #5.

You know you desire that ecstasy and we're all guilty of this fact. I know I broke his heart but I wanted someone a little more exciting." says Richa Tripathi, 23, economics graduate.

Says psychiatrist Anita Peters, "Bad boys, as we like to call them, may or may not be involved in a number of things like drinking, smoking, excessive partying and women. It might even end at just being a childish fantasy." According to a recent survey, the thrill of being with someone who lives on the wild side has a lot of women chasing after these bad boys. Be it the confident air that they exude or believing in living life on the edge, on their own terms and conditions, there is something dangerously desirable about these men.

Have you perhaps even been a part of this competition? Men who want to succeed with women hear about this "alpha male" idea, and decide that they need to become more "alpha." They figure that if they can just be the "top dog" among men, they'll get the women they desire.

Then have you ever seen a man who is NOT involved in the competition, simply come up, say a few words, and walk off with that woman? In fact, we, or our students, are often the ones walking off with the woman. And they figure that the way to do this is to push around other men, act tough, and to generally become a world-class jerk. You see, if you spend your time worrying about being "alpha," and have tried to push other guys down...

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by Ron Louis & David Copeland Have you ever seen a group of men competing for a woman's attention?

Have you seen them showing off, blocking each other, and generally all trying to be the biggest jerk around?

Every woman would like to fill her life with excitement, and a man who keeps a girl on her toes gives her just that..more. Breaking out of the mundane, monotonous life, women often go out looking for some drama to spice up their lives. He'd buy me flowers and gifts, we'd have some amazing conversations, it was a very nice, relaxed relationship. Says Corine Rao, psychologist who studies sexuality and behavior, "Sarcasm, unpredictability and jerk-like behavior all trigger strange emotions in women.

It might be because of low self-esteem or a need for thrill and excitement or even some deep rooted issues since childhood." Converting a serial playboy into a loving, homely man is also a challenge most women look forward to.

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While scrolling through a very popular men’s site, I noticed an article written about why the Bad Boy Persona is played out.

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