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As a critical first step, in October 2009, the video was screened to the highest ranking Macedonian law enforcement officials, who commented that the video realistically depicts the situation and agreed that the screening opened the door for trust-building between police and sex workers.

When it comes to shaping health and social policies, rarely are the voices of those excluded and marginalized from society heard in these discussions.Fortunately, food is a necessity, so I rarely need an excuse to satisfy myself.And for a Melbournian girl living in Lima, the culinary capital of South America, it certainly isn´t hard to find the ‘goods’. But unlike most, I think it’s important to keep every meal as fun as possible.The expulsion of the Turks in the early 20th century from Prespa brought nation-states – Greece, Albania, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia — and, with them, a bureaucratic incursion that brought few discernible improvements to the Prespians’ lives, but an historical amnesia that today makes for a rather peculiar situation.At an educated guess, I probably think about food five times more than men think about sex.

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Policymakers generally prefer to keep sex workers hidden in the shadows.

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