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Flight dating airlines

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United Airlines has apologized after it sold a two-year-old boy's seat during a layover on Flight 2047 from Hawaii to Boston, forcing his mother to hold him in her lap for the rest of the journey. The flight attendant came by, shrugs and says 'flights full,'" Yamauchi told KITV.

Asiana Airlines stated Wednesday the unidentified employee had taken her daughter, a "middle school student," to an area with secret airplane bedrooms off limits to the public, Yonhap news agency reported Wednesday.

The opposing points of view on the incident were never fully resolved; consequently, several groups continue to dispute official reports and offer alternative theories of the event.

The subsequent release of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 transcripts and flight recorders by the Russian Federation has clarified some details.

The incident, in which Dao lost teeth and broke his nose, sparked international uproar and turned into a public relations nightmare for the carrier.

Dao will be suing the company, according to his attorney. Second United Airlines passenger comes forward Amid the social media firestorm set off by Dr.

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