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Shakarian, arrested for single-handedly cutting off the Internet in Georgia and Armenia, has tearfully insisted she was innocent and said she had never heard of the web.

In a case that has attracted worldwide interest, pensioner Hayastan Shakarian is accused of forcing thousands of people in both countries offline for hours after hacking into a fibre-optic cable while digging for scrap metal. The Georgian interior ministry said that despite her claims to innocence, Shakarian had already confessed to cutting the fibre-optic cable.

But although Georgian Railway Telecom insists that the 600-kilometre (380-mile) cable has "robust protection", this was not the first time that it has been damaged.

But Shakarian, a Georgian of Armenian origin, told AFP that she was just a "poor old woman" who was not capable of committing such a crime. Physically, I could not do it," she said, repeatedly bursting into tears as she spoke. The incident on March 28 provoked lengthy debates on global Internet discussion forums after it was widely publicised this week.

Shakarian, who lives in the poverty-stricken Georgian village of Armazi, around 15 kilometres (10 miles) from the capital Tbilisi, said that she had only been collecting firewood. The pensioner has been charged with damaging property and could face up to three years in prison if convicted. Around 800 people posted comments about the case on the Engadget technology website, some arguing that the authorities should show leniency because of Shakarian's age and her impoverished situation.

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