Song about white girl dating black guy

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Song about white girl dating black guy

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! I see the hispanic woman with black guys or with white men.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. and then to white girls dating "low life" black men? I don't see many of the mexican men or asian men getting in on the interracial dating.To the chagrin of a few, many of these women are leggy European beauties, and after Maxwell posted a few too many pictures of these ladies in a row (including the one below), some decided to try and question him.And in all honesty, people have made some negative comments about the women he shows on his page in the past, though he says they’re friends.

Do they pick a decent, kind hearted black guy with a job? Georgia hispanic population is mostly mexican, or puerto rican. I think if white parents ask thier daughter's how many of them.Photo Credit: If you follow Maxwell on Instagram, you know that there are three things the delicious singer’s followers love to ask him about: When he’s going to put out a new album, why he’s so fine, and…oh yeah, why the women that are often all over his Instagram photos aren’t black.The singer seems to do a lot of traveling a lot of the time, and during his travels, he runs around with a lot of colorful characters, taping short videos, taking fun pictures, and cheesing it up with the ladies.No, they pick the biggest thug they can find, because that's what fits the image. I just think you have a racial prejudice or are into stereotypes. Not enough domicans, or cubans yet to tell who they date when its interracial. Have heard of lil waynes lolipop song, and soulja boy dance song. Most of the girls are attracted to lil wayne, usher, t.i and chris brown. So the popularity of hip hop may have something to do with it.The problem is many of them ARE looking at race, and not what is on the inside, so they end up with a loser. The girls atleast whom I'm talking about are dating guys in college or in another college close by. I definitely think that black males being off limits to some white girls by thier parents. I think it's pretty hot, especially when the girls I know as friends keep it to themselves and subsequently date guys I know it would bother. Maybe that's my fetish Does this belong in the relationship forum?

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TOUCH: So you dont agree with mixed race relationships? It was about black people paying homage to their culture, embracing their culture.

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