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You probably didn’t realize that drawing abs is now a thing, but celebrities and models do it all the time.

You may think they’re hitting the gym 24/7, but a lot of those muscles are achieved with great lighting and contour makeup.

But these quick tips can be done in just minutes, so take a break from lifting weights and try one to help reveal your beach-sexy physique.

Applying an at home self-tanner or taking a quick trip to your local tanning salon will do the trick, so you’ll be ready to hit the beach in your swimsuit in minutes!

Thando Thabethe chats to us about her decision to launch underwear range Thabooty's Underwear and Shapewear, and her entrepreneurial journey The idea to launch an underwear range arose when the radio host and actress noticed the lack of variety and quality of shapewear in South Africa.

Thabethe says that what was on the market was neither flattering nor sexy, and that much of the time, the outline of the shapewear was visible.

If there is a manufacturing fault with your clothing or it does not match what you ordered, please do not hesitate to submit a DOA claim.

You can: 1) Exchange it for the new correct item; OR2) Return it for a full refund.

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