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However, Bays did get one awesome line in: "We got away with waiting nine f**king years to meet the mother, and you all still watched it!" on Broadway and stunned the audience not only with his surprise appearance, but when he took off his shirt before he had to say goodbye (he had to go do a surprise concert for the Broadway show). WATCH: Taran Killam Talks Supporting Cobie Smulders' Broadway Debut "I don't normally like to get very personal on social media but tonight is the opening of this woman's Broadway debut," Killam wrote."This woman [is] the kindest, most selfless, most stunning individual with the most educated heart I've ever encountered." The 35-year-old comic actor recalled how Smulders uprooted their lives and came with him to New York City when he got the chance to join the cast of , which is when she "set a goal for herself." "The only specific creative goal I've ever witnessed her commit to: perform in a play on Broadway," he explained.

To celebrate, the couple rented out an entire ranch in Solvang, California for a guest list that numbered three hundred.According to Rumor Fix, Smulders’ co-stars Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris both made the cut along with their families.They reportedly watched the fifteen minute ceremony alongside other guests and then were transported to a private lake via hay rides, which no doubt was a heck of a lot of fun for the couple of honor’s three-year-old daughter Shaelyn Cado.It seems on “How I Met Your Mother” that the gender roles aren’t so stereotyped – Ted is more the romantic, while Robin doesn’t want to be pinned down. “I’ve read a lot of scripts and I’m really luck to be able to play a woman who’s funny and can be charming and has a [mischievous] side to her as well. "Ted is such a romantic, he’s more of the girl in the [situation], I suppose. A lot of people have opinions about Robin and him not ending up together, but I always say, just because they don’t end up together doesn’t mean it’s not a significant relationship. And so many shows that have been on the air have done that [‘will they or won’t they’ relationship], and when it happens, then nobody’s interested any more.If anything, [it’s the kind of relationship that] allows you to eventually find someone who works with you, it’s almost like a steppingstone.” So do you agree with the decision to say in the pilot that Robin is not the mother of Ted’s children? It’s very interesting of them to pursue that and explore that type of relationship, even though everyone knows she’s not the mother. I guess it’s not almost fair to a viewer to be elongating that whole experience.

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“[Ted and Robin] are going to be dating for the next season. We know it’s not going to work out, so there’s the inevitable breakup.

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