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Ordinary dating translate

Any text that is not a template pattern is simply copied verbatim.

Similarly, in an input template string (for the other functions), template patterns identify the values to be supplied by the input data string.

On this page you can find good advice from the experts about how to file your application.

Included on this page is the following information about translations: “Please submit certified translations for all foreign language documents.

Banks and similar financial institutions were excluded from the measures until the application date of the Tax Laws Amendment (Taxation of Financial Arrangements) Act 2009 (for most affected entities – that is 1 July 2010).

The general translation rule usually applies prospectively to foreign currency denominated tax-relevant amounts that arise on, or after, the applicable commencement date.

If you have a situation where you do not have a vital statistics record or civil document, such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate, from your home country please visit the Department of State reciprocity webpage.

The applicable commencement date is most commonly the first day of the 2003-04 income year which, for most taxpayers, is 1 July 2003.

If you have an early substituted accounting period, and the first day of your 2003-04 income year is earlier than 1 July 2003, your applicable commencement date is the first day of the 2004-05 income year.

$langcode: (optional) Language code to translate to. The 6.x function takes small, medium and large, as aiquandol points out.

Maybe the 6 and 7 documentation should be separated?

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Table 9-22 shows the template patterns available for formatting date and time values.