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Somewhere down the line we went our separate ways, but while I’ve been focused on trying to rebuild our relationship, she’s been busy rebuilding her career and been focused on her family, and when I say her family I mean Daniel and my nephew.With Cole’s new reality show debuting on BET last week with most of her family being on the show, many fans couldn’t help but noticed the obvious absence of her sister, whom Cole has had a public feud with for years.19 after she attacked a woman she encountered in the rapper's condo, TMZ reports.

The reality TV star wants to deliver her little girl by cesarean section, however her mom Frankie is encouraging her to go with natural childbirth.

“I didn’t go to the wedding because I wasn’t properly invited. I love my sister, I love my mom, I love my family — but I was not properly invited to the wedding,” said Pugh.

“I wasn’t invited to the actual wedding ceremony in Vegas.

Source: Facebook Considering all of the turmoil and negativity surrounding reality stars of today, it is great to see that some have broken free from the negativity and have grown drastically as a result of it. But, it was a decision I had to make for the better of myself, my husband, my daughters, my family. I wanted to take control of me and I didn’t have that control doing reality TV… She did not like that me and mom did the reality show in the nature that it was done.

In a recent interview with Bossip, former reality star Neffe Pugh of BET’s came from making a huge decision in my life to walk away from reality TV and I’ve been off the market for almost two and a half years now. And if I’m going to be out there doing television, it’s going to be something that is going to change somebody’s life, versus you telling me ‘Oh my god I love you. You’re so ghetto’.”“I’ve always been this way [having a professional, calm demeanor]. I didn’t know where I was […] I was still in a time in my life when I was going through. What we thought was ‘Oh, you ain’t gonna do the show cuz I said so’ was really ‘You’re not going to do this show unless it’s done right.

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It was just wrong timing, miscommunication and because of that I was unable to make the wedding.

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